Lanoguard – Lanolin Marine Grease


This versatile multi-purpose grease is primarily suitable for heavy-duty lubrication. Original Lanoguard Grease can be used wherever petroleum grease is used, with the exception of high-speed bearings. It is ideal for pins, bushes, splines, shafts, battery terminals, as an anti-seize on nuts and bolts and can be used as rubber grease.

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Key features/benefits

  • It is a long lasting, powerful anti corrosive which helps parts and materials to last longer
  • It is a natural Lanolin based product and safe to handle
  • It provides a greener alternative to oil based products
  • It is non toxic and does not require special handling or protective clothing
  • It is three times more effective at providing protection from salt corrosion than Type II zinc coating
  • It inhibits electrolysis, rust, verdigris, marine growth, battery corrosion, moisture intrusion and seizing
  • It is Non Evaporative and non conductive which means that it can be used in heat exposed environments, such as, on engines
  • It does not stain clothes and can be easily washed off
  • It protects, preserves and tenaciously adheres to all metals, woods, leathers, plastics and fabrics
  • It provides a waterproof layer for ropes, rigging and electrical fittings
  • It lubricates pulleys, cogs, chains, tools, metal threads, mechanisms, hinges, valves and O-rings
  • It is non-conductive to 70kVA
  • It is easy to apply, yet resists 3000psi pressure washing
  • It does not perish rubber seals
  • It is acid and Alkaline resistant

250ml, 600ml

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